Welcome to our blog-Back to Routines

Welcome to our blog-Back to Routines

Ann Arbor and Milan Michigan daycare and preschoolsOur new school year at Stony Creek Preschool and Child Care Center has proven to be another busy time of the year. The children and teachers are settling into their classrooms and the parents into their daily routines. One of the first things our teachers do to help both parents and children acclimate to our center is to help them establish a routine. Parents learn where to sign in/out their children, where to put the bottles and lunchboxes, and how to say goodbye for the day. Just as adults have routines that help their days run smoothly, children need that to them as well. Routines help children feel secure by knowing what is coming up next and making it a familiar experience. Babies to adults need routine. Babies need to have a familiar schedule, caregivers, bedtime routine, etc. As children grow they can become participants in the daily routine like putting away their lunchbox, giving a hug and kiss and running to the window to say goodbye, cuddling up for a bedtime story after a bath. There are parts of the day that are great to start a routine like bedtime, wake up, dinner, goodbye at daycare or school. Does your child know what your family routine is at dinner? Do you eat together? Does your child know what is happening each morning when they come to school? When they arrive everyday at a familiar time they know what to expect. Does your child have a routine that helps them settle down for the night?

While it is great to be spontaneous and flexible, don’t forget the familiar routine will help your child cope, feel secure and respond better to day.

As summer turns to fall take some time to create a routine for you and your family!!

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