About Us

The Stony Creek Family

Stony Creek is fortunate to have an extended family comprised of many loving individuals that enjoy children and have a genuine concern for their future.  We strive to enrich all of the children with experiences, material and guidance that is essential for learning and growing. Our family will provide an atmosphere where children can learn on their own level, be free to express their own feelings and ideas, and where initiative and creativity are encouraged. Stony Creek is proud of it’s family of Staff, please take the time to get to know the special qualities of your child’s teacher.

Meet Our Administrators

Ann Arbor Day Care and PreschoolJane Spence
Executive Director

Jane is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where she received her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Special Education.




Milan Day Care and Preschool OptionsMatthew Spence
Business Manager

Matthew is affectionately known by all as “Big Matt.” He is Jane’s brother and applies his Business Degree to assist with the management of Stony Creek.




IMG_20150825_112130Kristy Miller
Co-Director of Stony Creek in Milan

Kristy uses her Associates in Child Development and 14+ years of experience with each of the various  groups of children and teachers at Stony Creek.  She works mostly with preschools and the school-aged children. 




Diane_Wasielewsk_DirectoriDiane Wasielewski
Director of Stony Creek in Ann Arbor

Diane applies her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and 20+years of experience to assure that each child at Stony Creek has their individual needs met in a rich, warm, and caring community.

Staff Qualifications

  1. Each classroom has a teacher or leader. Generally the teachers have one of the following:
    • 4 or 2 year degree in Early Childhood Education (or a related field)
    • Child Development Associate (CDA)
    • Plus practical experience working with young children
  2. Many of the teaching assistants have or are currently working toward their degree in Early Childhood Education
  3. All staff receive on going training and attend   monthly meetings.
  4. All staff are certified in basic first aid and CPR.
  5. All staff and volunteers are screened by checking with:
    • The Michigan State Police for criminal backgrounds.
    • The Family Independence Agency for involvement in child abuse or neglect.
    • References provided on the employment application.

Join the Stony Creek Family

Are you interested in becoming a Stony Creek staff member? Please contact us to fill out an employment application and stop by to discuss our career opportunities.