The focus of Stony Creek’s Preschool Program is on meeting the distinctive needs of each child.  To do this effectively our teachers work together with parents to build an interactive relationship with your child.
The preschool program provides a creative and healthy environment where children can develop their cognitive, social, emotional, physical and communication skills.  We pride our program on recognizing Early Childhood as a very special stage in your child’s life.

Children in the Preschool Program will develop/improve:

  • Language skills through words and music
  • Independence skills by being encouraged to help themselves as much as possible, and being assisted when needed.  Fine Motor muscles are developed through daily arts/crafts and other projects
  • Large muscle skills through enjoying the open space, abundance of outdoor equipment and large variety of indoor and outdoor activities
  • Cognitive skills through exposure to numbers, shapes and letters in a way that is fun and more importantly that they can identify with
  • Socially and emotionally by the teachers who provide a stable, healthy, relationship with your child and foster a good self-concept

We provide a creative and healthy environment in which children can grow cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.  Planned learning activities such as reading stories, block building, art, dress-up  and theme based project are part of the daily routine. We welcome parent visits anytime during the day. Parents may also volunteer in their child’s classroom.