Ann Arbor Milan Michigan Toddler ProgramStony Creek’s toddler program is designed to best meet your child’s needs by working together with parents to build a warm relationship with your child. Your child is unlike any other, you can help us to provide the care your child deserves by letting us know what works well for your child at home.

We understand that toddlers are full of energy, curiosity and love but have limited language skills and little experience resolving conflicts with each other. Our staff will provide the patience, understanding, guidance and love necessary for your child to further develop these skills. Our toddler program focuses on developing both large and fine motor skills along with sensory perception.

We have structured the day to meet children’s developmental needs. Learning to be a friend, sharing, and coming to school happy all are contributors to a healthy self-esteem. Therefore, building social skill, and fostering independence are key goals in our toddler program.