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Truth about Tummy Time

Tummy Time                                                             We have come so far in regards to safety when it comes to infants.  They are in car seats, go to sleep on their back and even spend time in a safe infant swing.  While these measures are necessary for their safety it can also cause babies to spend a lot of time on [...]

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Ouch-That Hurts! Why children bite and what can you do to help.

As a parent the last thing you want to hear is that your child has bitten another child or worse yet that you have a habitual “biter”. No wants to have a child that bites let alone be the child that has been kicked out of daycare for biting (which means you need to find a [...]

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Welcome to our blog-Back to Routines

Our new school year at Stony Creek Preschool and Child Care Center has proven to be another busy time of the year. The children and teachers are settling into their classrooms and the parents into their daily routines. One of the first things our teachers do to help both parents and children acclimate to our [...]

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